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Troy Sandmeier – President - Born and raised in the Aberdeen area. Troy has always been fascinated with the building field. He started his construction career at the age of 19, working for various contractors throughout the United States. Troy founded Premiere Builders in 1995 and grew it to be one of the largest framing, siding and trim sub-contractors in the Midwest region. After working closely with numerous local general contractors, he came to realize that there was a need for a more organized, hands-on approach to the general contracting field. In 2009, Troy decided to change the direction of his company and became a general contractor. Troy’s steadfast dedication to providing the best possible home building experience for his clients is a constant source of inspiration to his employees and subcontractors alike.


Experience - Makes the difference when choosing a builder to build your dream home. When choosing a builder, it’s important to know you’re not just selecting one person to build your dream home, you’re choosing the team that will make your vision a reality! That is why the extensive knowledge and combined experience of the Premiere Builder’s team is so important.  There really is a difference when it comes to making the right choices involved in building your new home.



Creditability - Premiere Builders is an award winning custom home builder. Awards from the community are appreciated but the award Premiere Builders truly strives for is a completely satisfied homeowner. This commitment to excellence separates Premiere Builders from its competitors. For a homebuilding experience that will make you smile and a home that will take your breath away every time you drive into your driveway, Premiere Builders is the custom home builder you need. As a new home owner, you can rest assured knowing that Premiere Builders will settle for nothing less than perfection.



Creativity - The Premiere Builders team has researched what it takes to ensure their homes convey the desired eye catching appeal that you are yearning for. It is a combination of thoughtful attention to color, materials, and details both inside and out. Each home built is one of a kind, created by our team and embossed with style, quality, and finishes unique and distinctive in our marketplace. While the homes we build are unique, they are also specific and distinctive to each homeowner. Our homeowners value the quality and attention to detail that makes our homes spectacular!


Premiere Builders is fortunate to have some of the finest craftsmen and vendors in the industry orchestrating each aspect of your project towards a successful finale. It is our vision to create homes of extraordinary beauty and superior quality designed to exist in harmony with their surroundings, as well as give you the living experience you deserve. We consider every aspect of aesthetic appeal and functionality. In the final analysis, we are just as committed to building lasting relationships in the community where we live, work and thrive as we are to building custom homes.

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